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Mental Health Awareness: Wednesday Reads

Now more than ever, we need to find ways to stay connected with our community. No one should feel alone or without the information, support, and help they need.

Each Wednesday during the month of May, I will highlight a book that is available for check out at the library. Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to add 8 new titles that feature mental health.

Recovering From Depression: A Guide to Overcoming Your Self-Sabotaging Behaviors and Learning Healthy Coping Mechanisms by Maggie Kelly.

The following excerpt is from the author, Maggie Kelly. You can click this link to find this title in our online catalog.

Are you struggling with intrusive thoughts and depression? Are you unable to break the cycle of pain you are in?

All of these questions came to me when I was struggling with my own mental health issues. Following a three-month stint in the mental hospital, I found the help I needed to push through it and get myself back together. I had to stitch myself back together and understand that recovery is a process, not an instant cure. It wasn’t easy, but that is part of the reason why I wrote this book.

This book is about my journey with depression and the lessons I learned along the way. It teaches you how to use my techniques to guide you through your own recovery process.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Why you self-sabotage
  • How to overcome your self-sabotaging tendencies
  • Healthy coping mechanisms
  • How to be an active participant in your recovery
  • The health triangle to recover!

This book is a must read for anyone who is thinking of getting help or in the process of getting help with their mental health. You don’t have to do this alone. I hope my story helps you to the other side of recovery.

About the author:

Maggie Kelly is a writer who focuses on mental health and personal development. She has struggled with depression since her young teens. Her life trajectory changed after hitting rock bottom at age 26. Following a three month stint in the mental hospital, she found the help she needed. She wrote this book to help others who also struggle with depression.

Here are a few other titles that are part of our mental health collection and available for check out!

  • The Collected Schizophrenias – Essays by Esme Weijun Wang
  • Multiple Personality Disorder From the Inside Out – Edited by Barry M. Cohen, Esther Giller, and Lynn W.
  • (Don’t) Call Me Crazy: 33 Voices Start the Conversation About Mental Health – Edited by Kelly Jensen

Stay happy, healthy, and safe! ~Sally~


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