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Arrowbots Streaming Live at Library

Meinders Community Library is a proud supporter of the Pipestone Area Schools Arrowbots. We hosted their kickoff in January and will be streaming their competition live today (and hopefully tomorrow dependent on their qualifying for finals).

The public is welcome to join us in watching our robotics team in action throughout the day. Treats will be served and loud cheering may ensue, so participate at your own risk. That said, we’ve streamed our robotics team for years and can answer any questions about what this great group of kids do in a season and how important it is for them to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).

Quite frankly, Mr, D and his robotics team is a big reason why we have our library makerspace.

If you’d prefer to watch from the comfort of your own home, or support at work or in your classroom as appropriate, the Arrowbots schedule is listed below. The Arrowbots are #3298. Clicking the link to their number will take you to the competition.

MatchRed AllianceRed Score
Blue AllianceBlue Score
Quals 7302346243212*
Quals 18329825121792*
Quals 24675829877273*
Quals 37179228265913*
Quals 46310064214230*
Quals 56329875307677*
Quals 63477828263298*
Quals 70329855413928*
Quals 80249120527021*


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