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Quick Spring Reads

Spring is a time of direct opposites for me. I love the morning birdsong when I take my dogs for a walk. I despise the dirty sidewalks on those same mornings. I love the sun. I hate the spring damp. For some reason, it is more chilling to me than the winter cold.

And speaking of chilling, I am 80% done with Heartbreak Bay, the fifth and final book in a series my daughter and I started reading a year ago. The Stillhouse Lake books by Rachel Caine are uniquely terrifying as they delve into the aftermath of serial killers. More specifically, they follow the lives of a serial killer’s family in the ensuing years.

I love this twist on the psychological thriller genre. It makes for interesting plotlines. I don’t love that the author did not survive her battle with cancer to see the final book in the series published and in the hands of readers.

Apparently, life is also full of direct opposites. One filled with sweetness and heartbreak.

If you have time kill between spring tasks like getting out the grill, dusting off the patio furniture, and thatching your lawn, I recommend a journey to Stillhouse Lake. The books are quick reads–just perfect for those springtime rainy days.

keep reading~ jody


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