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Reading During COVID

My reading habits have definitely changed in the past six months. I take home tons of physical books, but mostly read digitally on my phone. I don’t know why because phone-reading is typically my least favorite way to engage with a good book.

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I’m also reading less. I have all these good intentions and tons of excitement while checking out a book. I just don’t seem to have the mental energy to slog through a chapter most nights. Weirdly, I’m also reading more nonfiction. Both books and online articles.

In some ways, this new reading trend is troubling to me. I miss falling into someone else’s reality for a bit. I miss going to new places and meeting new (friendly) faces. It seems like so many of the words I’m interacting with are inhospitable.

The only good thing that has come out of my changed reading habits is that I return books to the library on time much more frequently than I did pre-COVID. (Yeah, I know. I work at a library. But this confession should be reassuring, as I often have trouble meeting the two week due date even though I work at a circulation desk!)

Other people I know are having the exact opposite reading reaction. They are reading voraciously, varied, and across all formats. They are reading a book a day and are checking out from libraries for the first time in forever.

Reading habits have shifted for so many of us, just as life has shifted. Some changes may be long-term, while others may be fleeting. Regardless, as a library, our goal is to help you with all your literary and library needs.

Call, email, or stop in, just don’t forget to keep reading in whatever way works best for now~ jody


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