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Little House Education

Many of us grew up with Laura Ingalls through her books or via the television show Little House on the Prairie. What we “know” of her life has been touched by the present day, making her real life experiences just a bit different than the one portrayed on tv.

On Saturday, Laura Ingalls Wilder put in an appearance at Meinders Library and spoke to us in the past–120 years ago to be exact. Through the skills of Melanie Stringer, a living historian, “Laura” answered questions as she would have in 1896.

In full costume, Ms. Stringer stayed in character during her entire show, imparting a deeper understanding of what really happened behind the stories we all knew and loved.

Stringer will continue to present Laura’s life in first person throughout Southwestern Minnesota until October 30. Her schedule can be found on the Plum Creek website for those interested in seeing this first-hand, historical account.


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